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Some of Our Clients

In Fallon ...

We're based in Fallon, and as you'll recognize from the names below, some of the leading businesspeople in Fallon and elsewhere have chosen us:
  • A&K Earthmovers

    This website (for a large general engineering contractor) uses our content manager for editing and a form mechanism to gather information from users.
  • ACE Hardware Rental Site

    Until a company-wide redo eliminated it (without replacing it with something better or, actually, anything similar) this website (for the equipment rentals division of a large hardware store) used the content manager to manage the rental division and its various products.

    While this website was up: Instead of the rentals guys having to answer the same questions over and over again as to what the company offers and what it costs, etc. they could focus on running the business better.
  • Fallon Travel Services

    This company has been our client since the 1990s.

Beyond Fallon ...

We have clients all over the West, ranging from tiny one-person businesses to large Silicon Valley companies. If you're in the US, or even outside of it but you are US-friendly, we welcome you as a client.
  • Livermore Sedation

    This is an example of a website with many pages and content, refined over many years. This is for a dentist in Livermore, CA who's been with us since the early 2000s.

  • Philips Lumileds

    Ironically, the most impressive beyond-Fallon website that our team has made, we also can't show you, since it's behind a company firewall. It's a Web-based training administration system for Philips, the electronics company, for their Silicon Valley Lumileds division. We developed that website in the late 1990s and it's still in successful production today although Philips in 2015 transitioned this division to become an independent company.
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